Thank you for viewing my work. The designs have arisen serendipitously out of the specific character of the wood, so each is one of a kind.

For those who would like to commission work I ask that you specify the use intended, approximate or specific size if known and what species of wood. For those unfamiliar with wood species I ask that you decide whether you want light or dark wood and then work with you to nail down a particular kind. Keep in mind in your considerations that I work entirely with species indigenous to the United States and preferably to species local to me here in the upper midwest.

Pricing is based on an estimate of hours at $35 an hour plus the the costs of materials, refinishing beyond the basic finish I would do myself, transportation, delivery and any hidden costs that may arise. 10% of estimated cost secures a design. 50% of the balance begins the work and the final 50% is due when the work is completed, before delivery. You may suspend work at any time but there are no refunds unless you want the work completed and I fail to produce a piece. Because of uncertainties characteristic of this kind of work completion dates must remain flexible, within reason.